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Funnel Optimization Academy: cart abandonment

A free, five-part academy that helps you identify the leaks in your funnel and provides you with the strategies to fix them.

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Cart abandonment

Companies find it hard to convert their traffic into customers. It is difficult for retailers to understand why customers abandon their carts without completing purchases. Most marketers don't know where their funnel leaks. They don't know where to focus on to improve conversion rates.

In order to increase conversions, you need to fix common checkout problems, and identify and fix leaks. The Academy provides you with practical advice for lowering cart abandonment and improving conversion rates.

Abandoned carts cost retailers $18M each year

What you'll learn

Most retailers fail to take these foundational steps before reducing cart abandonment
Why trust is key to reducing cart abandonment (+how to get more)
How to discover and utilize the value
of your brand
The importance of discovering and
utilizing your brand's value
Why your cart abandonment problem might just be tied to customer lifetime value.

Each lesson is jam packed and includes:

An explanation of the core issue
The examples (and analysis) of stores who managed to do it right (+and wrong)
A quick-win strategy, something you can implement right away with little to no resources that will still have an impact
This is a detailed, long-term strategy, which may take some time to implement, but will reap rewards over time

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Optimize Your Funnel Now