The Black Friday 2021
Prep Guide

The start of the holiday shopping season is upon us, Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

We have put together a list of tools, guides & resources to help prepare for Black Friday. From tips on what to sell during the holidays to guidance on how much inventory you may need, how to keep your store fast and predictions for the years moving forwards.

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Black Friday Campaign Samples

Our team analyzed over 100 Black Friday/Cyber Monday ads to see what trends top retailers use.

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[Tool] of the (Black Friday) trade

If our blog post wasn't enough to wet the pallet, why not try our interactive ads tool to gather more ideas for Black Friday campaigns.

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The Future of eCommerce Post Pandemic [Report]

After analyzing 4 years’ worth of Black Friday data, we put together a report to show just how far (and quickly) the global event has grown.

Want to dive deep into data?

  • Millennials continue to spend the highest avg per person with a strong focus on gifts for others
  • Consumers want to shop local
  • Social commerce is the new retail
  • In 2020, smartphones accounted for 41.1% of revenue during the five days, up 7.4 % yearly
  • "Buy online" searches increased by 20% in 2020
  • Most popular products include electronics, apparel and toys
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Keeping Your Store Fast This Black Friday

The Need for Speed

As retailers prepare for an influx in new visitors, eCommerce stores need to ensure their websites are fast, efficient and allow customers to checkout seamlessly. Find out what you can do to speed your Shopify store up.

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Black Friday Last Minute Checklist

Running late? Use our last-minute Black Friday prep checklist

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